• World Heritage Review 67: World Heritage and Best Practices

World Heritage Review 67: World Heritage and Best Practices

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World Heritage: cooperation, communication and capacity building
The inscription of a site can result in specific preservation challenges, making skilled and sustainable management practices crucial to protect its Outstanding Universal Value.

Jiuzhaigou Valley
From isolation to ‘smart park’
Jiuzhaigou Valley has completed the perfect transition from a remote mountain area to a tourist resort.

Wet Tropics of Queensland
Sharing best practices
Engagement of local communities is a central goal of the management regime for the Wet Tropics World Heritage property.

Medieval City of Rhodes
From impregnable fortress to living city 
Rhodes is subject to constant change, making management a continuous adaptation to new practices.

Monte Albán
Mutual understanding and agreements with communities
The shared management is based on the balance resulting from good relations between the institution and the community.

Welcome home – we’ve been awaiting you for 4 million years
Management and development of the Cradle of Humankind site is complex and challenging and in constant evolution.

Land of Frankincense
The management plan includes excavation, conservation, site management, heritage education, public relations and finances.

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