• The United Nations World Water Development Report 2014 - Water and Energy

The United Nations World Water Development Report 2014 - Water and Energy

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Water and energy are inextricably linked. Water is essential for the production, distribution and use of energy. Energy is crucial for the extraction and delivery of safe drinking water – and for the very safety of water itself. People everywhere – but especially the most vulnerable and marginalized – face great risks when access to either is limited or compromised.
This World Water Development Report provides detailed analysis of these connections and their implications for the world’s pursuit of sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals. It is the fruit of collaboration by UN-Water, the UN inter-agency coordination mechanism dedicated to all freshwater-related issues.
The Report addresses a wide range of key issues, including agriculture, cities, industry, infrastructure and the environment. Its message is clear: the ‘water–energy nexus’ is about substantially more than hydropower and biofuels.
Water and energy can drive economic growth and improvements in human health. They are enablers for poverty reduction, job creation, women’s empowerment and human well-being in general. This was also a central lesson that emerged from last year’s observance of the International Year for Water Cooperation. It is also a fundamental premise of my ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ initiative.

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