• Volume III: The Spread of Islam throughout the World

Volume III: The Spread of Islam throughout the World

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The third volume in the series looks at Islam from a historical and geographical angle, and describes the social and religious setting in which the Prophet Muhammad and his successors undertook to spread the teachings of Islam. The main features of the political system founded by the Prophet are outlined, and we follow the emergence of the umma or Islamic community. The Muslim faith spread into Arabia and beyond through jihad, preaching and diplomacy. In places as far apart as Persia, Africa and Europe the process of Islamization faced widely differing challenges. The skills of the Muslim armies are described in this volume, and the role of the jihad is considered. We look at the Muslim institutions that were established previously non-Islamic societies, and the contribution of those civilizations to Islamic science and culture. The impact of Western colonialism on Muslim countries is evaluated, as is the situation of Muslim minorities in Western countries today.

950 pages, maps, figures, footnotes, bibliography, index
Format: 24.5 x 17 cm (hardback)
2011, 978-92-3-104153-2

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