• Complete Poetical Works Of Lucian Blaga (Representative Work Collection)

Complete Poetical Works Of Lucian Blaga (Representative Work Collection)

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Lucian Blaga (1895-1961) is judged by many to be Romania's most original philosopher and greatest poet of the twentieth century. While scholars with access to his works in Romanian are well-aware of their importance, his work has remained, up to now, little known in the English-speaking world.
This book represents the one of the first efforts to make Blaga's work accessible to a wider audience. This book is a complete collection of Blaga's poetry, translated into English by Brenda Walker and Stelian Apostolescu.
A joint publishing project with UNESCO, this book includes an introduction by Keith Hitchins of the University of Illinois, one of the leading historians of Romania in the United States and a scholar intimately acquainted with Blaga's life and work. In it, he discusses the importance of Blaga's life and work.

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