• The Unesco Courier (2020_1): Radio: Stronger and more vibrant than ever

The Unesco Courier (2020_1): Radio: Stronger and more vibrant than ever

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First the arrival of television, then the emergence of the internet, followed by the eruption of social networks – all these should have gotten the better of it. Yet, radio continues to broadcast and echo what is happening in the world today.

Certainly, after a century of existence, the medium has changed. Transistors have given way to computers and mobile phones. The invention of the podcast in the 2000s has made it possible to develop new kinds of radio scripts and create programming that is free of the constraints of live broadcasts.

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Is radio out of date ? No, stronger and more vibrant than ever!

  • The UNESCO Courier, the flagship UNESCO magazine since 1948 is a platform for the dialogue between cultures and a forum for international debate.
  • Bringing together well-known personalities, experts and artists, as well as journalists from different cultural and geographical horizons, it reflects the intellectual role of UNESCO, and its work around the world in all its domains of competence.

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