• Human rights and people who use drugs in the Mediterranean region (2022)

Human rights and people who use drugs in the Mediterranean region (2022)

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Developing a better understanding of the meaning of human rights in drug policy

When people have a history of dependence, they often experience stigmatisation and are frequently perceived as criminals. This stigma has a negative impact on their lives, therefore the issue of human rights for people who use drugs is crucial and needs to be taken seriously, and urgently, into consideration. This publication puts into perspective different country situations and practices. It helps countries to enlarge their view on how to integrate a human right approach into the daily life of people who use drugs, in a concrete manner.

This report provides an overview of the situation of human rights and drugs policy in the 18 participating countries of the Pompidou Group’s Mediterranean network for co-operation on drugs and addictions (MedNET). The research was conducted by collecting data in these countries, covering both the northern and southern rims of the Mediterranean, on specifics issues linked to human rights and people who use drugs. It is the second, and more exhaustive, effort to gather information on this important topic which underlies the Pompidou Group’s mission. In 2022, the research includes new topics such as the issue of children of parents who use drugs and children who use drugs themselves, the gender dimension in prevention and treatment, the treatment and care services available in prison and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on drug policy.

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